My young friends,

A picture, like the one on the cover, you have no doubt seen in many places. In many homes, in the bazar, in shops and in taxis you will find this picture. It is of Sai Baba, the Great Saint, who lived at Shirdi, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India. He was extremely fond of children, because he himself had childlike simplicity and purity of heart. Whence did be come to Shirdi, how he attained a name and fame, what experiences people had about him - all these wonderful stories I will tell you in the following pages. Having read these once, you will feel like reading them again and again till you get them by heart. Like countless other people, you will come to love Baba. You will offer him daily prayer and ask for his blessings, which he will certainly bestow on you.

Introducing you to Baba,

This is your chacha
D.D. Parchure