Baba's Dhuni

Baba lit up fire with yogic powersAfter settling in Shirdi, Baba lit up a fire by his yogic powers. It is still kept burning. It is called Dhuni and the holy aslies emerging from it are called "udi".

Baba gave medicines for several ailments and himself served the patients. Later on, Baba gave his patients only the 'Udi' for external use as well as for oral administration. Some wonderful stories of the use of Udi, I will relate to you in another chapter. Appa Bhil supplied the fuel for Baba's dhuni. When be sold two stacks, he gave one for the dhuni.

There was a saint named Tajuddin. His dargah (place of worship) once caught fire. At the same time. Sai Baba in Shirdi, sitting before the Dhuni, made certain movements with his hands. People asked, "what are you doing Baba ?"

I am putting out fire at Tajuddin's dargah"There is a fire at Tajuddin's dargah. I am putting, it out," said Baba.

The next day, a word came from Tajuddin that a fire had broken out at the dargah, but as soon as he remembered Baba, the fire had subsided.


 Baba rescuing blacksmith's daughterA blacksmith was an ardent devotee of Baba. Once Baba put both his hands in the burning dhuni and took them out as if 'rescuing' something. "Poor girl, if I had delayed a moment longer, she would have been burnt to death".

What had happened was that the blacksmith's daughter, while playing about, had run into the furnace and Baba 'seeing' it, bad rescued her. Baba's hands were scalded, but the girl was saved.