All Knowing Baba

Just as Baba knew the present, so he knew the past and future too. Such a person is known as Trikal-gyani or Siddha. This will be clear from the following stories.

A certain lady was a life-long devotee of Baba. Once she came to Baba and bowed at his feet. Stroking her head, Baba said "Ma, you have a bad headache, isn't it ?"

Looking up in surprise, she said, "Baba, it was aching till this moment, but there is not a trace of it now."

"Well, it will never ache again," said Baba.

 Baba miraculous touch cured her headache The fact was that the lady's head was aching for the last six years. However, she had not come to Baba so that it could be cured by his grace. Yet Baba recognised her ailment and cured it by his miraculous touch.

At her residence, the lady used to offer naivedya (prasadam) to Baba thrice a day. Baba told her that he visited her house thrice daily to accept her offerings. Baba also told all the details about her house and the inmates.

A certain lady in Bombay asked her husband for a rupee to be offered to Baba in her house. The husband was in a hurry to go to his office. He opened his purse, but found only a ten-rupee note and no rupee coin. So he said, he would get the change in the evening and then give her the rupee she wanted. The gentleman descended the staircase and, feeling his other pockets, found a rupee therein. But, instead of going back and giving the coin to his wife, he proceeded to the office. But in the evening, none remembered about it.

A few days later, they both went to Shirdi. As thev were sitting before him, Baba said, "Ma, people have now-a-days become liars, isn't it ? Even though they have a rupee in their pocket, they say they don't have it. The lady could not understand the meaning of these words. But the gentleman at once knew what Baba was saying. He fell at Baba's feet and asked for pardon.

At Nanded, there was a wealthv merchant, named Ratanji. He had several daughters, but no son. He was therefore very, dejected. Das Ganu had advised him to go to Shirdi and have a darshan of Sai Baba. Ratanji earnestly wanted to do so, but due to pressure of work, he had not been able to go. Once a local Saint, Mouli Baba by name, came all of a sudden to Ratanji's house. Ratauji treated him with utmost respect and offered him flowers and sweets. Mouli Babe blessed him.

A few months later Ratanji went to Shirdi. As he sat before Baba with hands folded, Baba said to him, "you have already offered me a dakshina of Rs 3-14-0 and now you have yourself come to this Masjid. So don't worry. Allah will grant your wishes." So saying, Baba applied Udi to Ratanji's forehead.

Ratanji returned with satisfaction. But he was puzzled as to the dakshina of Rs. 3-14-0 which Baba had referred to. He told about it to Das Canu. But he too couldn't make out anything. Then, in the course of conversation, Mouli Baba's visit cropped up and just for fun; they made a list of all the expenses done on that occasion. And what a wonder! The expenses added up exactlv to Rs. 3-14-0. it was clear that things offered to Mouli Baba in Nanded had reached Sai Baba in Shirdi !

The next year Ratanji was blessed with a son.

Another merchant. Seth Hariischandra Pitale, had gone to Shirdi for the first time. His infant son was also with him. Baba gave him three silver rupees aiid said, "I have already given you two rupees. Keep these three with them and worship them together. They will lead to your welfare."

Pitale returned home with satisfaction. But since he had gone to Baba for the first time, he could not understand Baba's words, 'I have already given you two rupees'. He asked his mother. She thought deeply and, as in a flash, she exclaimed, "Ah, I got it. When you were young your father had gone to Akkalkot Swami, who had given him two rupees for worship. Your father worshipped them in his lifetime. But, after him, they have been lying uncared for. Now the Swami is re-born as Sai Baba in Shirdi, and that is why he reminded vou of the 'two rupees already given and gave you three more. Henceforward, worship them all with devotion."

These incidents  show how Baba was a Trikal-gyani Siddha.