Oneness with God

Baba was God incarnate. God is only one - really nameless and formless, but he appears in any form which is dear to his bhaktas. This is what Baba also did. Sometimes he appeared as Ram or Krishna, sometimes Vithal, sometimes Akkalkot Swami, sometimes a Moulvi, or a Guru.

Baba appeared to Das Ganu in the form of Vithal When Das Ganu was staying with Baba in Shirdi, he once wished to go to Pandharpur to see Vithal. He asked for Baba's permission. Baba said. "Ganu, for you Shirdi itself is Pandharpur. Why leave Shirdi and go so far ?" Das Ganu had implicit faith in Baba. But he thought, "if Shirdi is Pandharpur, then who is the Vithal here ?" As, with that thought in his mind, he looked up. Baba appeared to him in the form of Vithal. He has composed a beautiful song on this incident.

Gauli Buwa mostly lived at Pandharpur, serving Vithal. But occasionally he used to go on pilgrimage and when he visited Shirdi, Baba would appear to him as Vithal Himself. At Prayag there is a confluence of Ganga and Jamuna. It is considered a very sacred place. Das Ganu once wished to go there. Again Baba said, "Ganu, your Prayag is here." At this, water began trickling down from both thumbs of Baba's feet. Das Ganu had his "Prayag tirth" there and then.

Bapusaheb Jog, a devout bhakta residing at Shirdi, once longed to have a darshan of the late Akkalkot Swami. When he expressed his desire, Baba gave him a darshan in that form. To another Bhakta. Baba appeared as Gopal Krishna - the bhakta's favourite deity.

 Sai Baba appeared to the doctor as Shri Ram A doctor from Bombay was a staunch devotee of Ram. He regarded Baba not as a great saint, but rather as a mad fakir. A close friend of his invited the doctor to go to Shirdi with him. The doctor agreed on the express condition that he would come to Shirdi merely as an onlooker, but not bow before Baba. On reaching Shirdi, the very atmosphere there softened' the doctor's resolve. He accompanied his friend who had started to go to Baba, and, on seeing Baba from a distance, the doctor ran towards him and fell at his feet. Smiling meaningfully, Baba blessed him. As they both started to come back, the friend asked, "What happened, doctor ? Did you forget your resolve ?" "As soon as I saw Baba, my resolve vanished, for in Baba's place there appeared Shri Ram of Ayodhya.

Unaware of myself. I ran and fell at his feet," said the doctor with tears of joy. For a long time after this, he was immersed in a state of bliss. A staunch Shastri of Nasik had come to Shirdi with a similar resolve. His devotion was only to his Guru who had passed into Samadhi some time earlier. Baba gave him a darshan in the form of his late Guni, whereby the Shastri was completely transformed. Some students while appearing for their examinations, or even afterwards, ask an astrologer whether they would pass or not. The astrologer tells them some hotch-potch, and the students get uneasy thereby. Sai Baba discouraged such habits. He would advise the students to concentrate on their studies and for the rest put their trust in God. Baba would bless them and apply Udi on their forehead. Such students would always come out with flying colours.