Deo Mamledar

Balasabeb Deo, an enlightened Sai Bhakta was a magistrate at Dahanu. His mother had observed cer tain vows, at the conclusion of which a thousand Brahmins were to be fed in the month of Shravan. Balasaheb earnestly wished Baba to attend this function. So two months ahead, he sent a cordial invitation to Baba, who replied that he would attend along with two others.

In Ashadh, the month before Shravan, a Sanyasi (recluse) came to Balasaheb and asked for his help to collect a fund for cow-protection. But as another fund had recently been collected in Dahanu, Balasabeb told the sanyasi to come to him in the Diwali season (four months later).

The sanyasi went away, but appeared again exactly on the day of the concluding function. Seeing him, Balasaheb suspected that he had come for the fund too soon, and was about to rebuke him for his impatience. Anticipating what Balasabeb would say, the Sanyasi hastened to explain that he had not come for the fund, but for a square meal.

"Oh, that's very fine," said Balasabeb almost apologetically, "We are feeding the Brahmins today. So it will be a pleasure to have you amongst us."

But I have two others with me, waiting in the dharam-shala."

"Bring them too ! It will add to our pleasure." The Sanyasi brought the two along with him and, after a hearty meal, they blessed Balasaheb and went away.

The function was over, but Balasabeb thought that Baba had not come as promised. So he wrote to Baba expressing his displeasure and put in a mild hint that Baba had deceived him.

Baba wrote back, "Your doubts have deceived you, not I. As promised, I came along with two others and we took meals at your place. But your mind was clouded with the doubt that it was the Sanyasi coming for funds. So your own doubt deceived you and in that state you did not recognise me." Balasaheb felt intense anguish and remorse that, though Baba had visited his place, yet he did not recognise the saint and had lost the opportunity of a life-time of surrendering at his feet.