Baba is ever living

 For my bhaktas I will come running The previous story, told by Baba, will convince you, my friends, that Baba lived in the past. Of course he lived at Shirdi in the present birth, and bhaktas are experiencing his existence even today. Baba entered Samadhi in 1918 on the Dassera day giving bhaktas this solemn assurance : -

Though this mortal body I am leaving,
Yet for Bhaktas, I will come running.
Take my word, I am ever living,
You'll know this by experiencing.

And, indeed, bhaktas the world over have experienced the truth of Baba's words

Shri C. R. Dabholkar, alias Hemadpant, was a thorough Sai Bhakta. Through Baba's benediction, he became a gifted poet and wrote in verse, Baba's life, entitled "Sai Sat-charita". It has been translated in English and in many Indian languages. You must read it. May Baba shower his choicest blessings on you.