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Sai Ka Aangan

Delhi is the heart of India ,they say and reflects the state of the Nation. Indeed it does, for the growing urbanization ,fast paced life and concrete jungle that has come to represent the obvious repercussions of modernity is beginning to tell its own tale.So as one winds the way from Delhi and onward towards Sushant Lok Gurgaon,broad roads lined with matchbox shaped buildings under construction can be seen throughout.The hustle - bustle of life ,the glittering shops that justify consumerism ,all stare back at the visitor.


As one drives further down towards the end of Sushant Lok ,one suddenly sees an old relic on the horizon. A piece of architecture from the 18th /19th century , a slanting brick roof and an expanse,that leaves one dazed.This is the replica of Dwarkamai from Shirdi.With the inspiration of revered Guruji Shri C.B Satpathy and Mrs Meera Satpathy a dream of Ms Kumkum Bhatia of the Sai Prakash Spiritual and Charitable Trust, that is slowly taking shape since Oct 2000,when the Bhumi Poojan was conducted.

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Several auspicious events have already been held at the temple even when it had no concrete roof and one could see the stars at night .On 18th March 2002 on Maha Shivratri day,Guruji Shri C.B Satpathyji and just a handful of devotees congregated at the temple premises in the morning. The temple had a large "aangan" still not paved or constructed ,giving it an aesthetic look coupled with sylvan surroundings. The temple was decorated with lamps and flowers and the place wore a festive look.Guruji,conducted Puja of Shri Sainath. There after Mrs Mangla Apte ,who had come all the way from New Jersey USA,rendered beautiful Marathi bhajans on Shri Sainath.

In the impending dusk,surrounded by devotees who sang Bhajans,Guruji Shri Satpathyji presided over the Holi festival on 28th March 2002, Smt Meera Satpathy also graced this evening.

Ram Navmi, which has a very special significance with Sainath and Shirdi as it was on this day that Hindus and Muslims decided to celebrate the Urs and the Navami procession together.Hence , Guruji Shri C. B Satpathyji decided to have the inaugration of this temple on 21st April,2002 the Ram Navmi day.

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Click here to see the enlarged view On this day, amidst Navagraha Pooja, chanting of " Shri Sainathaya Namaha" and devotional songs, two beautiful Moorties of Sainath were consecrated. One of them is made of white marble which sits high on the stone. The other life size Moorti of Baba , in sitting posture in Dwarkamayee, made of fibre glass communicates to the devotees.


Since the consecration ceremony, 4 Aartis are being conducted every morning at 9 a.m, 12 noon, evening at 6:30 p.m, and 9 pm at night.The Palki is taken in a procession every Thursday.

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It is also proposed to construct a replica of the Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi, Chavadi, and Hanuman temple. Undoubtely, Sai Ka Aagan will be an oasis for those seeking spiritual solace and moments of peace amidst the hustle bustle of Delhi.



About The Temple

The temple has stone walls, old lamps from the times in Shirdi and artifacts just like one is used to seeing in Dwarakamai- the favourite residence of Shri Shirdi Sainath. No effort has been spared to identify every detail and replicate so that those who wish to visit Shirdi as often as possible can at least still fulfil their heart's desire by being in these environs for a few moments. Click here to see the enlarged view
Click here to see the enlarged view The horse Shyam Karna, the tiger who died at Sai Baba's feet, the Chulla where he cooked food, and the Chakki with which he is said to have ground the ailments of His devotees are all replicated.


The life size statue of Baba ,in sitting posture made of fibre glass takes one back to the times when Sainath would sit among His followers and lovingly distribute Udi and food cooked with His own hands. The statue embodies and emits an aura of resplendence to all the devotees and countless others.

The sacred embers of Lord Sai's Dhuni at Shirdi were brought from the sanctum sanctorium at Sai temple at Chhatarpur.

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Inauguration of Dwarkamai in Sushant Lok

The formal innauguration of Dwarkamayee Masjid was done by revered Guruji C.B Satpathy ji on Sunday 21st April ,2002 which was the RamNavami day.

After the formal Pooja at dusk, Deepavli Utsav was celebrated by lighting candles all along a 40 X 30 feet bust sketch of Shirdi Sai Nath.At the same time star studded sky was strewn with glittering and colourful "Atishbazi".

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Click here to see the enlarged view This was followed by a procession of a palanquin decorated with Zari and flowers on red satin.The Palki was carried by the devotees on their shoulders under a beautiful deep red velvet umbrella decorated with an intricate Zardosi work.This procession was taken out through the temple precincts led by Guruji.The Palki proceeded along with the sounds of Nadyaswaram,Mridung, Jhanj,Dhol and Shankh.The chanting of "OM SAI SHRI SAI JAI JAI SAI" made the environment auspicious, heavenly and intoxicating.

As the Palki swayed towards the Gurustahn with the tune of melodious combination of musical notes through the unpaved grounds of the temple there was an intermittent shower of fragrant rose petals from the sky.

Gurusthan,the place where Guruji had planted the neem sapling was lit up with Diyas,incense sticks.The atmosphere became nostalgic with the fragrance of marigold and Loban.The framed picture of Shri Sainath placed in the Palki was welcomed with chandan, kumkum, garland and coconut, by Guruji.

The ceremony ended with Shej Aarti followed by Satguru Ka Langar which included Baba's favourite Kacharya and Pooran Poli.All the devotees carried along with them the memory of this auspicious day.

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  Sai Ka Angan
E-Block, Sushant Lok, Phase-I, Opp. Paras Hospital, Gurgaon, Haryana
Tel : 01244041378
E-mail: info@saikaangan.com
Website: www.saikaangan.com, www.saibabaofshirdi.net
Chief Patron
Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathy
Managing Trustee
Ms. Kumkum Bhatia
Mobile: 9810008889
Mr. Jaspal Singh Chhabra
Mobile: 9891102299
Temple Supervisor
Mrs. Harjeet Chhabra
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Temple Administrator
Dr. Ms. Sangeetaa Wadhawan
Mobile: 9811071002
Land line:0124 4376188
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An experience of a devotee from USA - Thakur Mukund Raj

It was on Saturday December 7th 2002 morning that we had a chance to visit “Sai ka Angan”, Baba’s abode on the outskirts of Delhi. Baba seems to have taken on after the popular Indian mantra, “Chalo Delhi”, Delhi being capital of India. Once someone steps inside the door, then the difference between Shirdi and this place dissolves. The layout, the structure, interior and everything up to the nails in walls is so carefully done that one can’t say the difference between Baba’s abode in Shirdi and here. Not only that, HE himself sits next to the railing in the form of a life sized replica of HIS form as though saying to his visitors; “When this masjid was not built, then also I was present here but no one recognized me; hence I have come with the masjid, so that my devotees can recognize this place also as my abode!”

It is not mere coincidence that at that moment a family arrived here just returning from their trip to Shirdi and the lady’s statement bears truth when she exclaimed “It seems that we did not even leave and we are still in Shirdi!” Such is the magic of this place. Not to be carried away just by emotions and people’s reactions we decided to put our faith to test. The first thought that came to the mind was that no one speaks Marathi here, so this place can’t be Shirdi! What a cheap thought one may say! But pat came back the reply from the master sitting in his court. All of a sudden the speakers started blazing the glory of Shirdi and the Master in Marathi. Where from and who played the tape is not of importance so much that the tape played in Marathi and it was glorifying the Lord as was done by the villagers each morning in Shirdi. It started looking and feeling like the stories and characters were rising from the pages of Sai Satcharita to enact and replay the scenes that took place almost a century ago!

Not still satisfied, the eyes and the mind wanted more! The body stood in the “Sabha Mandap” or courtyard outside the famous three steps of the Masjid and prayed to Baba. “Baba, if this is you then I can’t climb the steps with out your permission. So, hey lord, till you give express permission, we can’t come up!” Not even a minute passed after this mental prayer was offered then came the result from the master. Some one walked up and said, “Please step into the masjid and do “phanka” (fan the master)”. With tears in eyes, hair standing up on its edges and ego crushed, the command was instantly accepted and obeyed.

Then as if to satisfy more, the Master continued to play his game. All of a sudden from no where long lines of children, mothers and fathers, started queuing in front of the masjid. Upon inquiry, it was informed that on this day, there was a comprehensive health camp being organized by “Sukarya” a non governmental organization for the benefit of poor and needy followed by “annadan” or feeding the poor. Baba’s Handi and Radha krihsna Mayi’s kitchen started playing in the very front of our eyes. Many ladies donning the roles of Laxmi and Radha Krishna Mayi relived the days of Baba’s Shirdi, some cutting vegetables, some serving the food, some cooking but all of them very immersed in telling tales of Baba’s influence in their lives!

Came the time for Arathis, one could clearly hear the conch of the shell loud and clear for miles, inviting and informing one and all of the time for Arathi. The masjid roared with live singing of “Ghevooni Pancharathi..”. And our feeble minds wanted to test Baba’s strength merely on the language of Marathi! “Shame on us! O’ Lord of Lords, please forgive this sinner! How many times have you told and explained to us and how many times we have not listened we know not, by you know it all! Hey Baba, have mercy. At this moment, we do not even feel worthy of your grace but out of your kindness, please do forgive us for we are not even worthy of that!”. The mind presently came back as the arathi was ending. Then came the time for “langar” or partaking of food. Men and women got busy in serving the food that was being prepared since morning. Seeing there were big lines, we thought of waiting on the side. Stepping on the dirt, all of sudden the eyes fell on a long line of ants walking very briskly in a great hurry. Curiosity arisen, we started to follow the long line of ants very busily going and coming from somewhere. The trail led straight to the back of the masjid, where there was a small hole and through which were seen ants carrying on their back, a pinch of food for a human, but as big as a cart load no doubt for the little ant in a line. The same food that was being served on the other side of the wall! Reminds of food served from Baba’s daily begging rounds? By this time, the heart was begging the Master to stop proving his point!

The jet lag started to set in, the body was very tired from the long journey and the back was hurting immensely. The body was screaming to rest and lie down but the crowds were still looming. How can one leave without taking Baba’s prasad and his permission. After all, He has already shown his presence! The mind started its game once again. “Why not ask Baba to cure this hurt and avoid bearing the pain? He is here isn’t it, then why can’t he provide relief for it?” Not even a moment passed after the thought arose that the eyes fell on a sign declaring that place to be where Baba stood leaning and distributing Udhi. Having read the sign, we quickly walked there and standing against the wall started rubbing our backs to the wall. In less than few minutes, all the pain in the back vanished and the body felt well rested with out any signs of tiredness at all!

Thus the day continued with sharing and listening to Baba’s leelas and stories from many. While taking his leave, a though arose to pen this day down for whose benefit and for whom we know not! We are sure though that through this he will reach his intended audience. The Dwarkamayee of North India, “Sai Ka Angan”, is located in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon, Haryana on the outskirts of Delhi.

If one is in Delhi for a visit, one should surely check out this place of Baba that brings Shirdi and its experience away from Shirdi.



Dusshera Celebrations

Dusshera, which happens to be the Mahasamadhi Day of Shirdi Sai Baba, was clebrated on Tuesday the 15th October 2002, at Dwarka Mai Temple in Sai Ka Aangan at Sushant Lok Gurgaon. This was the first Mahasamadhi Day celebration here in this Aangan as this temple was inaugurated on 21st April 2002, the Ram Navami Day.

After many years three things coincided, Dusshera 15th October and Tuesday. This was the exact combination of the day Baba took his Mahasamadhi in the year 1918.

The day started with Havans, Pujas and MahaAbhishek of Baba followed by Langar. Bhajan Sandhya was organised in the evening. The Chief Patron Guruji Shri C.B.satpathy and his wife Mrs. Mera Satpathy blessed the occasion.

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First Vasantotsav at Sai Ka Aangan : 2003

Vasantotsav has been described in ancient Sanskrit treatises as the spring festival signifying the onset of Vasant Ritu. It is time for the north of India to wake up from the slumber of the winter chill. Nature regenerates and everything seems fresh and new. Mustard flowers bloom and the cool morning air is laden with a faint aroma of mango blossoms. There is a riot of colour every where. The Utsav falls on fifth day of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Magh (Jan-Feb).

Many hindu legends are associated with the festival but it may come as a surprise to know that not only Hindus but Muslims too celebrate Basant with a lot of verve and festivity. The Sufis of the chishti order celebrate this day and as a festival of flowers.

On the 14th of Jan'03, revered Guru Ji reminded Ms.Kumkum Bhatia of his earlier announcement at Dusshera that Sai Ka Aangan at Sushant Lok, Gurgaon will celebrate Basant Panchami which was falling on the 06th of Feb'03.

A buzz of accelerated activity started from the end of january. Plans and arrangements were made for a spectrum of events to be conducted. By the grace of Sri Sainath and blessings of, and consultations with Sri Gurudev, Mr. C.B. Satpathy and Guruma, Mrs. Meera satpathy, the entire planning, organizing, arranging and execution was done by Ms. Kumkum Bhatia with the help of Mrs & Mr. Chabra and the members of the parivar at Sai Ka Aangan.

It was time for decoration, celebration and jubilation. Sai ka Aangan wore a festive look. The reverberation of the shennai greeted all people who came from far and near for the darshan of Sri sai as he majestically sat in dwarkamai. There were exotic flowers, magnificence and vibrancy in every nook and corner. Indoors and outdoors everything in the aangan seemed to have dipped in a heady mix of yellow, saffron and green deeply merged in the heart and soul of nature.

The ladies, dressed in 'Basanti' traditional cotton saris with mehndi in their hands, auspicious moulis, bindis, bangles and gajras in their hair, while men in kurta pajamas with mustard turbans and Aangvastras were ready to receive all who come to Baba's aangan. All devotees were tarditionally greted at the gate with kumkum, moulis, buttonholes or gajras and a splash of floral ittar.

To mark the Utsav open a volley of petals showered on all as if some where, Lord Sainath showered all his blossoms, blessing the occasion. The program started with obeisance to Ma Saraswati with lightning of the lamp by Sari Gurudev and Guruma. Ma saraswati possesses the powers of speech, wisdom, learning and fine arts and is worshipped for spiritual enlightnement. She is believed to illumine the whole world with light and dispel the darkness of ignorence.

A panorama of diverse cultural activities had been organised by Sri Gurudev himself. Eminent and acclaimed artists in the field of music and dance had been invited for the cultural feast.

The program started with the Saraswati Vandana byt eh children of Sangam Kala Group after which there was a scintillating performance of music and dances of India. The kathak was performed by Bhairavi accompanied by Manisha and Nalini and Kamalini accompanied by their Gurudev Shri. jaitendra Maharaj. The oddisi was performed by Gita Mahalik. These dance forms were initially attached to temples and mythology. The expression of joy being reflected in each movement, 'taal and rhythm' springing from their steps with hand gestures and footwork kept all eyes glued to the stage. Music which is yet an inseparable component of the Indian cultural milieu, mesmerized the auduence. There were recitals of Indian classical music and bhajans by Sumitra Guha, Moushami and Saurabh, which were intrinsically devotional in context. Unbounded by parameters of time and season, music and dance have been a means of communication to the divine. The show was compered by jyotsna.

A humble request to Sri Gurudev to bless the occasion and all assembled by hus grace. He sang bhajans bringing happiness and gratification to all present. Ms. Kumkum Bhatia gave the vote of thanks after which Guruji gave his aashirwad to all artists in the traditional way. He also spoke for a few minutes, the essence of the message being that, before Baba gave up his mortal coil on the 15th of October 1918, he encouraged artists to perform in his presence. In Shirdi, artists, magicians and banjaras came from places far and near. People came here from Indore, Mumbai, Nagpur and Southeren India and Baba encouraged them by providing for them a platform in his aangan and enthused their spontaneous emotions which come up in the presence of a Sadguru. Similarly Sai Ka Aagnan will become a platform for artists from all over India as every one needs the aangan of the Guru to get inspiration. Saints are responsible for evolution of music down the ages. In times to come Sai Ka Aangan will provide that arena to celebrities. He also said that this utsav would be an annual feature of Sai Ka Aangan and will be celebrated for years to come. Its magnitude is unimaginable to us to day.

After this a sumptuous layout of Guru Ka Langar completed the occasion bringing elation and fulfillment to all.